virtual reality job agency
von 2.-5. September 2001

with streaming show

"meatspace" is a link between a virtual world and real life, similar to a computer game, except that the virtual people (who are represented by "avatars") interact with real people. The virtual and real peolpe have a common task that they have to solve together. The task is to find a job. The potential employers approach employees in a "cyber game" developed especially for this project.

"meat space" turns the tables on conventional methods of finding a job. Here it is not the person looking for work who has to pursue the employers and make the introduction, but the other way round: in locating the people looking for work, the potential employer has to tackle a number of hurdles first.

This "game" unites the capabilities of virtual reality – decentralised joint effort, acting on behalf of individuals using virtual representatives and the non-physical involvement with these virtual figures, and the essential element of real life – the body as a physical subject, here and now, with all its capabilities.

3 levels:

Real Room: City Tower/Linz – 6th floor

4 women looking for work will be in action on 4 days of the festival on a specially adapted level in the Linz City Tower. Their task is to conduct interviews via a chat room with potential employers who access the City Tower through a special web site on the internet, and convince them of their suitability. Each woman's experience with the virtual employers will be recorded in a kind of public log that will be published every day on the web site.


The virtual path to our protagonists in City Tower is laid out as a 3D game space, in which the avatars representing the potential employers have to go through different "worlds" to try and find the women looking for work. On their journey the avatars have to solve different tasks and are confronted with topics from a woman's perspective in the employment world. When an interview is concluded successfully, the virtual visitor will be requested to send a fax or call by phone to verify their interest.

TV Studio - Art University/Linz - Hauptplatz 8

As a summary of the day's events, a report will be broadcast live from the Art University each evening at 23:30 in a television program for the audience at Ars Electronica. Viewers will be taken through the proceedings by 2 moderators; one in the TV studio and one in City Tower. The broadcast will reveal what happened with the virtual visitors during the day, whether they made any offers, and how the chat sessions evolved. Experts will also be invited to the studio to discuss equal opportunities on the job market, employment in general, etc..... Are there any employers in the audience? You are invited to participate!

The streaming shows will also be broadcast live everyday on local cable TV channel LT1.